To see abstracts and presentations

Unsure of how to see materials.

Please check “Help

Download the App

Cannot download the App.

Please check below.
1. Please check the connection to the Internet? (Isn't it set to the flight mode?)
2. Does your device have enough memory?
3. Please enter right ID and Password of the App.
4. This App. is not compatible with Feature Phone.
5. This App. is not compatible with Windows App.

Don't know how to access the OR Code.

Please download the QR Code reader. Activate the QR Code reader App. and scan the QR Code.

Account sign up, Sign-in, Abstract Password

Why account sign-up and sign-in are needed to register the schedule?

To syncronise multiple devices, i.e. the WEB, App, iPad, iPhone.

Following message appears and cannot register the account.
"This e-mail address is already registered to the Confit. for the past conference/exhibitions]"

This App. is web app. of Confit service. If you have registered before with Confit, you can use the same account. If you forget your password, please reset the password and log in.

Unsure of log-in password.

Please reset the password "forget password" button. Enter the e-mail address when you registered the account. Password reset message is sent to your registered e-mail address.
If you are not sure about the registered e-mail address, or you cannot check the e-mail, password cannot be reset. Please register with another e-mail address and create a new account.

What is the Abstract password?

Please contact the secretariat with your Registration ID.

Data transmission

Takes time to get the latest data.

Cancel the download and cut off the Wi-Fi connection, and try again.


App. Is too heavy/freeze during the use.

Depends on the device setting. If your device is old version, the operation speed may be slow.

Cannot properly operate the function.

Android has many variations and setting/configuration also varies.
If App. does not operate property, please access the Confit Web via smartphone Web browser. (URL is available on the website)

Cannot search by names.

Enter space between family and given names.

URL in a presentation is invalid.

Enter URL into your browser's address bar directly to access.