Co-hosting Organisation

International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)

Supporting Organisations

Japan Sports Agency, Japan Sport Council (JSC), Japan Sport Association (JSPO), Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA), Sasakawa Sports Foundation, Japanese Association of University Physical Education and Sports, Fitness Industry Association of Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture, City of Yokohama, Kanagawa Shimbun, tvk (Television Kanagawa)

Academic societies participating in planning

As of June, 2019

Members of Japan Academic Alliance for Sport, Physical Education, and Health Sciences

Osaka Society of Physical Education

Japan Society of The History of Physical Education and Sport

Tokyo Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Science

Japanese Society for Athletic Training

Japanese Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise

The Japanese Association of Exercise Epidemiology

Japan Society of Physical Exercise and Sport Science

The Japan Society of Coaching Studies

Japan Society of Golf Sciences

Japanese Society of Lifelong Sports

Japan Association of Physical Education for Women

Japan Society of Sport Movement and Behaviour

Japan Sports Nutrition Association

Japanese Society of Sport Education

Japan Society of Sport Sociology

Japanese Society of Sport Psychology

Japan Society of Sports Performance Research

Japan Society for Sport and Gender Studies

Japan Society for the Pedagogy of Physical Education

Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences

Japanese Society of Management for Physical Education and Sports

Japanese Society of Policy for Physical Education and Sport

Japan Society for the Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education

Japanese Society of Test and Measurement in Health and Physical Education

The Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine

Japan Society on Tennis Science

Japan Society of Training Science for Exercise and Sport

Japanese Society of Biomechanics

Japan Society of Human Growth and Development

The Japanese Society of Volleyball Research

Japanese Society of Science and Football

Society for Running

Japanese Association for SportManagement

Japanese Academy of Budo

Non-Members of Japan Academic Alliance for Sport, Physical Education, and Health Sciences

Japan Sports Law Association

Japanese Mibyou System Association


The Japanese Society of Clinical Sports Medicine

Japan Society of Ski Sciences