Programme & Abstract


Welcome to the Yokohama Sport 2020 Online Conference

  • Michiyoshi Ae

    Michiyoshi Ae, Ph. D

    Co-president of 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference

    President of Japan Academic Alliance for Sport, Physical Education, and Health Sciences

    Professor, Nippon Sport Science University, Tokyo, Japan

On behalf of the Japan Academic Alliance for Sport, Physical Education, and Health Sciences (JAASPEHS), one of hosting organizations, it is my great honor to welcome you to the online-based 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference. The theme of the conference is “Contributing to a Sustainable World.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference is the first online conference by the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education. However, I am delighted to share this pleasant time with you.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the local executive committee and the academic committee for their devoted efforts to prepare and manage this academic activity, notwithstanding the hurdles and difficulties of the past several months. I would also like to recognize the Japan Sports Agency, Japan Sport Council, Japan Sport Association, and the many corporations and organizations for their excellent support for the conference. We have a Japanese custom that the supreme acknowledgement should be the last. We really appreciate the ICSSPE, the executive board members, especially the president Dr. Schaefer, Executive director Mr. Dumon for the long-term support and numerous suggestion and cooperation given to us. Without their efforts and devotion, we would not meet each other, even online, to make this conference possible.

The hosts and the team worked hard to organize this conference while closely monitoring the situation resulting from COVID-19. It was always the intention that the conference would go ahead as planned, and we were hopeful of seeing you all personally in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, in September. However, with COVID-19, those ambitions have diminished, but we found a new way via an online conference.

We brought together more than 1500 participants, 1063 presentations, and 15 symposia from all over the world. The conference’s academic program covers a wide range of topics and areas in physical education, health, and sport sciences. Participants include well-known scholars, young researchers, and graduate students. Their research relates to oriental-specific topics, humanities, and social sciences, natural sciences, physical education practice in schools, human health promotion, coaching, and scientific support to athletes. The theme of the conference is “Contributing to a Sustainable World“, which relates to the philosophy of Dr. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Kodokan Judo. In the words of Dr. Kano, this conference would be about “Mutual understanding and prosperity for oneself and others”. If you learn something from an Oriental or Japan-specific way of thinking, the hosts would be delighted.

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, another worrying and regretful official report has been issued from the Human Rights Watch Organization this July. It warns of the dangerous situation concerning violence and abuse to some child athletes in Japan. The report suggests that sport has been a cause of pain, fear, and distress for far too many Japanese children. We have to realize the seriousness of the situation and give it deep thought. There are some symposia and presentations on this problem. We expect to share ideas, resolutions, and measures on the abuse and violence in the near future.

It is our sincere intention that “The 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference” will help you exchange scientific and practical information to find ideas for “Contributing to a Sustainable World.”

Welcome to the Online 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference

  • Senshi Fukashiro

    Senshi Fukashiro, PhD

    Co-president of 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference

    President of Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences (JSPEHSS)

    President, Japan Women’s College of Physical Education, Tokyo, Japan

On behalf of the Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences (JSPEHSS), one of the hosting organizations, it is my great honor to welcome you to the online 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference.

First of all, I would like to express my great gratitude to all the ICSSPE staff members (President: Uri Schaefer; Vice-Presidents: Darlene Kluka, Wolfgang Baumann, Maria Dinold; Executive Director: Detlef Dumon; Co-Chair Development Committee: Anneliese Goslin; Treasurer: Kari Keskinen, among others), TAFISA, and the Affiliate. Without their efforts and devotion, this conference would not be possible. They especially supported us in the choice of host city and lecture candidates and symposia based on the overall theme as well as in the constitution of the program. ICSSPE also announced public information concerning this conference to affiliated organizations (about 230) through the website and mailing of newsletters.

The starting point of this conference series was the “First International Sports Science Conference” of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. The Chairperson of the organization planned a conference based on the following purpose. “…It is necessary for the development of sports that the Olympics hold not only a Sports Competition but also a Sports Science Conference.”

The planned academic conference intended by the first Chairperson has continued as an international scientific conference on physical fitness, sports, and health sciences held in the host city of each Olympic Games with a different form and name.

The main theme of the plenary session is “Contributing to a Sustainable World.” Recently, various innovations in technology have left our world and planet facing many problems. Fortunately, however, the area of physical education, health, and sport, in which we are involved, holds much value that can benefit everyone by nurturing and enhancing us, maintaining our physical and mental health, and allowing us to have fun with each other.

It is our expectation that at the Conference we will contribute to the future of human beings through discussions of the promotion of people’s social situations through various disciplines such as sports technology, human rights issues, effective utilization of sports value, and sports business development.

As background to this theme, it is emphasized that physical education, activities using the body, and sports can impart broad benefits to individuals and communities, as noted in UNESCO’s “International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport, revised entirely in 2015.

For the preparation of this Conference, the Japanese Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences contributed a large amount of financial support. I would like to express our appreciation for the cooperation of the members and the society itself.

As welcome performances during the opening ceremony, some special dance and karate presentations have been prepared. We would like to recognize the staff members of the Japan Women’s College of Physical Education and Kokushikan University, who collaborated.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to all the staff of the local organization committee, academic committee, and others for their devoted efforts in preparing and managing this academic activity over the past several months. I would also like to recognize our domestic affiliates such as the Japan Sports Agency, Japan Sports Council, Japan Sport Associations, and many corporations and organizations for their great support.

Although it is an online conference, we will be able to enjoy a keynote lecture, many thematic lectures, symposia, and general presentations and share our intellectual excitement together.

  • Kyoko Raita

    Kyoko Raita

    Chair of 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference

    Vice-Representative, JAASPEHS

    Vice-President, JSPEHSS

    Chukyo University, Japan

As Chair of the local Organizing Committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you on the 2020 Yokohama Sports Conference online.

The global COVID-19 pandemic that started at the end of 2019 has had an enormous and tragic impact on the world. In light of this situation, we made the decision to move Yokohama 2020 online.

This conference started out as the International Congress of Sport Sciences 1964 (ICSS1964), which was held at the same time as the 1964 Tokyo Games. Later renamed the Pre-Olympic, Pre-Paralympic and Sport Scientific Congresses, the conference is now known as the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS). ICSS1964 was held with a strong sense of the Olympic Movement, Coubertin’s vision of educational reform. The positioning and format of the conference have changed along with the times. However, these conferences hold universal value in terms of their functions as forums for discussion among researchers in the areas of physical education, sports science and health science with an aim to create a culture of sports and physical activity that contributes to human development and social progress.

There may be a lack of interaction among researchers, at least in part, with the organization of the conference online. Nevertheless, it is important that we uphold the universal values of the history of the ICSEMIS and solidarity among researchers. A number of enthusiastic researchers did not drop their scheduled lectures and symposiums, but instead took up the challenge to pivot into a new format for this event. In addition, approximately 1,500 presenters and attendees have registered for the conference. We would like to thank all of these people for their support of the decision to hold the conference online. We would also like to thank the ICSSPE for the more than 50 years of support of this historical conference since ICSS1964 and their advice on various aspects of organizing this year’s event under these difficult circumstances.

We hope to be able to transcend physical distances and time differences as we discuss how we can “contribute to a sustainable world”.

  • Uri Schaefer

    Uri Schaefer

    President of International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)

Dear Participants, Colleagues and Friends of the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference – Contributing to a Sustainable World

On behalf of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education and all its member organisations, I have the honour and privilege to send greetings to all participants of the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference.

ICSSPE is convinced that international cooperation in our area of interest is crucial as physical education, physical activity and sport are global phenomena that influence developments across nations’ borders. Furthermore, interdisciplinary cooperation is needed in order to promote sustainable change – in participation in physical activity, in the delivery of physical education and in development in and through sport. And change today is needed more than ever before.

Many of us were highly motivated to attend the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference following the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. We were grateful for the interest of our Japanese colleagues, partners and friends in providing an international platform for academic experts, practitioners and policy makers to discuss our contributions to sustainable changes in our global and human society. We were grateful because we are convinced that the benefits of a physically active society, of a holistic education of children and the potential of a healthy and clean sport can be effective and affordable means to change our society. And we are grateful because we know how much commitment is needed from those who host and support such an event.

However, the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus forced the organisers to change the concept of the Conference.

The lockdown, with many restrictions imposed on public life almost everywhere, caused severe challenges for the conference organisers and beyond. Participation in physical activity and sport became impossible and difficult at home. These impositions were placed on the population in spite of existing evidence that moderate physical activity is associated with better immune functioning, lower levels of anxiety, perceived stress, and despite WHO launching campaigns with central messages in favour of physical activity.

Despite past and ongoing activities, we cannot fail to notice that the provision of physical education and physical activity is, almost everywhere, as unsatisfactory as ever. One of the most difficult issues remains the high percentage of drop out from organised sport, apparently because children “have no fun anymore". According to a USA report (2015), around 70 % of children engaging in organised sport retire from their participation at a premature age. Understanding the reasons for children’s disengagement from sport and physical activity will assist coaches and teachers in their work, help meet children’s expectations, plus increase the time that they stay active.

The complexity of sport and physical activity and their various challenges needs to be further addressed. This will include , but not only, discussions around:

  • Sport for Development on a global and national level
  • The future of sport on the one hand, the lack of funds for development activities and potential ways forward, on the other
  • Leadership and participation opportunities which reflect and respect equity and an inclusive sport and education society
  • How the integrity of physical education and sport is being challenged through misconduct
  • The starting point for many physical activities and sport and the provision of quality physical education
  • The impact of the media on the development of physical activity and sport as well as on gamification and e-sports
  • Women and girls at all participation levels of sport
  • Pandemics and their impact on participation in physical activity and sport.

As in previous decades, we are willing to respond to this by providing even more evidence using technologies and methodologies developed across the various sport science disciplines.

Moreover, we are willing to contribute to the implementation of our findings. We need to implement what we know from science. It is now imperative that the knowledge which has been accumulated scientifically about physical activity and sport be transformed and shared among all stakeholders (e.g. governments and sport organisations) with a central aim: To educate children and youth around the world about the importance of being physically active throughout their lives.

Despite many concerns, we can also observe positive developments. For example, due to COVID - 19 there are more and more initiatives aiming to teach people in general and children and youth in particular how to exercise and be active at home via the Internet and other social media. We can observe how various stakeholders respond to new regulations.

This conference is an excellent demonstration that the evidence which we provided is needed – and appreciated. The partnership which our friends in Japan have initiated and which brings academics, practitioners in sport and at schools as well as politicians together is a clear indicator of success; ICSSPE and I personally, are grateful for your work and wish to congratulate you for your achievements. You have achieved a lot, especially if considering the challenges which you had to face. I wish to thank you, on behalf of the entire leadership and the management of ICSSPE, for the excellent cooperation over the past years which will hopefully lead to joint activities in the future, I am truly convinced that the world can learn a lot from the Japanese way to tackle challenges, from your stamina and patience, the will to give always your best and the calmness with which you conduct your activities.

At the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference we look forward to many presentations and discussions which will enrich us all and provide each participant with better understanding of how, through physical activity and sport participation, we can contribute to a sustainable development of the human society.

On behalf of ICSSPE, I wish to thank the organisers and hosts of the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference and wish all participants and presenters a most enjoyable and successful conference.

  • Daichi Suzuki

    Daichi Suzuki (Ph.D. in Medicine)

    Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency

I wish to express our deepest regret at the passing of those who died due to COVID-19. We also extend our deepest sympathies to their families and loved ones.

I would like to congratulate you all on the holding of the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference in cooperation with ICSSPE.

At this important conference, experts from various fields and industries related to physical education and sports will share their views and knowledge from an academic perspective on the value and the power of sports, under the theme of “Contributing to a Sustainable World”.

With the changes in our lives due to COVID-19, we have reaffirmed that sports are necessary for people to be healthy both in body and mind. Through our "Sport in Life" project, we are striving to enable as many people as possible to make sports an integral and enjoyable part of their daily lives, even with our new lifestyles.

I hope this conference will be a fruitful one for all participants. And I also hope that, with the help we get from the knowledge gained from this conference, everyone around the world will regain their happy and zestful lives with the power of sports.

Finally, I would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone involved, including JSPEHSS, JAASPEHS, the Subcommittee on Health and Sports Science, the Committee on Health/Human Life Science, and the Science Council of Japan, for their dedication in organizing and holding this conference. I sincerely hope that this conference will be a great success and that sports science will continue to contribute to the development of a sustainable world.


  • Yuji Kuroiwa

    Yuji Kuroiwa

    Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture

I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference being held on a grand scale, with the participation of leading experts in various fields related to physical education and sports.

The Sport Conference has been held in China in 2008, in the U.K. in 2012 and in Brazil in 2016, to coincide with the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is my great pleasure that this global-scale conference takes place in Yokohama, Kanagawa, in a new form of an online event. I would like to express my hearty welcome on behalf of the Kanagawa citizens.

The novel coronavirus infection is largely affecting the whole sporting world, and Tokyo 2020 has been postponed to the next year. A new form of sports is being sought for while giving consideration to measures for COVID-19 prevention.

The 2020 conference takes place under these circumstances. I hope that fruitful discussions will be conducted to develop new knowledge and ideas, giving hope to all the people looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 and sports lovers across the world.

This academic conference is organized under the theme of “Contributing to a Sustainable World”. I expect that the result will help us realize “a society where people with various backgrounds can live together in harmony” which Kanagawa Prefectural Government has been promoting. I also wish they will contribute to creation of the world full of laughter where anyone can enjoy sports at any time, any place and forever.

Last but not least, I would like to express my deep respect to the people concerned for their efforts in organizing the conference. I wish a great success of the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference.

  • Daichi Suzuki

    Fumiko Hayashi

    Mayor of Yokohama

I would like to extend my best wishes to commemorate "The 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference.” I have a deep respect for the people involved who worked hard to make it possible to hold this conference online in order to meet the requirements of the “new lifestyle” needed to coexist with COVID-19.

Held in cooperation with the members of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), the theme of this conference is “Contributing to a Sustainable World.” Experts from various fields will gather and actively discuss a variety of topics, such as improving the quality of our daily lives and lifestyles, the social contributions of physical education, as well as health and sports science.

“Games of the XXXII Olympiad” and “Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games” will be held next year, and several exciting matches will take place here in Yokohama. The City of Yokohama will use the Games as an opportunity to build a world everyone can coexist and respects and supports each other by enjoying sports regardless of disabilities. I hope that we can all take a step closer to becoming a “world where diverse people live together” through the fruitful discussions and lively exchange that will take place at "The 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference.”

In closing, I would like to extend my best wishes for the conference's success and the participants' health and prosperity.