Yokohama Information

Yokohama is one of the oldest port cities opened up to the western world in the late 19th century. Since then, Yokohama developed unique history and culture which are a mixture of Japanese and Western taste.

The conference venue, Pacifico Yokohama designed with images of ocean waves, wind and sunlight has been one of the remarkable conference venue in the world because of good traffic access from cities and this exceptional environment.

Here in Yokohama, you will explore the history of early modern Japan as well as unique cuisine of Chinese, Western and Japanese delicacies.

Yokohama Visitors Guide BOOK

  • Yokohama Chinatown

    Yokohama Chinatown

    Credit : Yokohama chinatown development association

  • Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

    Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum
  • Kirin Brewery Yokohama

  • Kirin Brewery Yokohama

    Kirin Beer

Time Zone

Local time in Japan is UTC/GMT +9 HOURS.


September is perfect for outdoor exploration. It might get cooler in the evening and light jacket may be useful.

27℃ (80.6℉) max day temperature / 20℃ (68℉) min night temperature

Drinking Water

Tap water in Japan is generally safe for consumption.

InternationalL Dialling Code

The country code for Japan is 81, and it will allow you to call Japan from another country.


Only Japanese yen is accepted at restaurants, shops and any other service facilities. Major credit cards are accepted at most restaurants, shops, convenience stores and other service facilities.


Tipping is not mandatory as it is not a common practice in Japan.

Electricity & Plugs

In Japan the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B. The standard voltage is 100 V and the standard frequency in eastern Japan (including Tokyo) is 50 Hz (whereas in western area, it is 60 Hz). Check out the following pictures. Please make sure that you bring necessary adaptor to use your own devices in Japan.

Type A: mainly used in North and Central America, China and Japan. This socket only works with plug A. This is a major type in Japan.

Type B: like type A but with an extra prong for grounding. This socket also works with plug A. However, the socket for this 3 prong plug is rarely seen in Japan, therefore it is recommended to prepare Type A socket adaptor.

Wireless Internet Access

Wi-Fi access will be available in the conference venue.

You can also find free Wi-Fi spots at many of the major tourist facilities.

Sightseeing Information

For more information, please visit the following website.